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Eotech g33 3x magnifier with switch to side quick detachable mount. Originally, i was going to mount a bdc scope on it, but she liked the holographic style sights better. The l3 eotech holographic weapon sight hws product line has two different heights above the rail based on user preference. Eotech hhs ii holographic hybrid sight exps22 with g33 magnifier 3. Ggg 1269 accucam quick detach lever scope mount fits eotech xps. Another option is to put a railed forend up front and stick it on that. The eotech exps2 model holographic sight features a transversely mounted lithium 123 battery.

Eotech sights are designed and tested to withstand punishing recoil from a variety of firearms. Eotech is an american company that designs, manufactures, and markets electrooptic products and systems. The firedot can be seen in bright sunlight and is not too large. Product title eotech 553 556 model red dot sight battery cap w. Then i moved back to 200 made the adjustments and shot a. Best eotech holographic sight 2019 best scope guide. Also note, the counterfeit model 553 sight shown in. Should the need arise, i can shoot a 36 inch group at 100 yards with either sighting method.

Adjustable brightness the 512 has 20 brightness settings for use in any lighting scenario. The eotech exps30 to a picatinny or weaver rail via a single quick detach throw lever. Sold by opticsbuddy and ships from amazon fulfillment. Picking the best ak47 optics and mounts ak47 buyers guide.

For quick adjustability in any shooting situation, our model 512xbow hws offers multiple brightness settings. Jan 29, 2015 instruction manual eotech 516, 517, 556, 557 sight optics trade 1. Aimpoint scope mounts eotech qd mounts and accessories trijicon scope mounts ar15 flashlight mounts ar15 bipods and bipod adapters. Scopecoat eotech xps red dot scope cover w3x magnifier. I do this because that is how i liked it best after moving the sights from right in front of my buis to the end of the receiver. As rcmodel suggested, an offset rail for the eotech would be a good solution. Eotech holographic weapon sights product manuals are available for download in pdf format. Versatility with other weapon platforms with its advanced holographic technology, the hws2dot reticle solves a number of fire control issues for a host of applications and weapon platforms. If youve got questions about scopecoat eotech xps w 3x magnifier scopecovers or any other red dot sight accessory for sale in our store. Modular sniper data book range estimation offset refill sheets. How to zero an eotech gone outdoors your adventure awaits. Mount has larue patented qd lever for fast removal.

For someone new, the capability of weapon is probably 0300 yards or meters. Like any sight, you must first zero the sight to match the bullets point of impact out of the barrel. Xr308 holographic weapon sight has no magnification. I have other red dot sights but just have a greater comfort level of accuracy with eotech, but from what i read the aimpoint is well regarded as a very good optic. Renowned for its ability to function in extreme conditions, holographic image sighting technology also gives you true 2 eyes open headsup display and wide, unlimited field of view. The exps22 offers true 2 eyes open shooting, a transversly mounted lithium 123 battery, 7 mm raised base offering iron sight access, and easy to adjust side buttons. The eotech 512 is designed for shooting within 200 yards and works most effectively in bad breath distance. I can see much more with my binos than a rifle mounted scope of low power at distance.

I really like the setup, although i prefer the red dot at 45 degree and the main optic in the normal location. Eotech 3600 green court, suite 400, ann arbor, mi 481051570 phone. Holographic weapon sights hws offer true 2eye shooting for a better targeting experience. Eotech hunting scope mounts and accessories for sale ebay. Eotech holographic weapon sight model exps3 whether youre an avid hunter, in law enforcement, or in the military, an eotech holographic sight will give you an undeniable tactical advantage. Eotech holographic sights maximize peripheral vison, guaranteeing quicker target acquisition, faster follow shots, and increased situational awareness. They produce holographic weapon sights for small arms that have been adopted by various military and law enforcement agencies as close quarters battle firearm sights. Military, law enforcement, hunters, and competition shooters have been shooting better ever since. There are now three models of the l3 eotech holographic weapon sight counterfeits that are in the market, primarily sold through web sites based in china and. Eotech holographic weapon sight model exps3 bass pro shops. Eotech is an american company that designs, manufactures, and markets electrooptic.

Product title l3 eotech hood kit with screws for 512511552551. Instruction manual eotech 516, 517, 556, 557 sight. Water resistant the 512 is water resistant to 10 feet 3m eotech hws prestige warranty comes with. I have tried to cut corners before, and it always ends up costing me more money and taking up more time than if i would have bought what i needed. The sightmark 3x tactical magnifier allows shooters to quickly acquire the target, and then move the magnifier out of the way without having to detach the unit. However, i believe most of the work will be done within 50 yards and either sighting system provides more than enough accuracy for my needs. Minidiva tactical 551 aluminum red dot sight green dot sights. Free shipping compatible with all eotech holographic sights lengthwidthheight. Yes, i am saying that having the scope crosshairs and the eotech reticle in the same sight picture could be a bad thing.

Just the basics mounting a scope to an ar10 and zeroing. Some are so busy you need a book to figure them out. It is user configurable based on the specific model hws it will be mounted behind. I appreciate the help as i only want to do this once. Shop scopecoat eotech xps red dot scope cover w3x magnifier up to 31% off 4. Instruction manual eotech 516, 517, 556, 557 sight optics trade 1. Unertl 19in scope with the number 49653 on it 12 power. Apr 03, 2008 the only exception to this is the scout rifle concept, where a lowpower scope of 1. Genuine and counterfeit l3 eotech holographic weapon sights are shown in figures 1, 2 and 3 for the three models. The a65 reticle consists of a 68 moa outer circle, with a 1 moa internal dot.

Xr308 holo weapon sight is equipped with mounting hardware to attach to a standard 1 dovetail or picatinny style rail. To come close to a true multiuse optic means spending big bucks, you can buy a really good rds and a good hunting scope and good binoculars cheaper than a multiuse optic. Hhs iii holographic hybrid sight 5182 with g33 magnifier 4. I mounted my ultradot on an arsenal scope mount using 30mm rings, but it also works with the rs regulate system. The 7mm riser, included, may be required to align the magnifier. The eotech 512 is also characteristically square meaning that it has a square lens and square body. The first visit to the range i was able to get 1 hole group at 100 yards. Eotech xps20 holographic weapon sight 162365, holographic. If its tactical or optical, functional or practical, if it was made for the military or made for the outdoors weve got it. Im stuck with an a2 upper at the moment, and thats a big part of the reason.

Eotech introduced the first generation holographic sight to the market in 1996. Instruction manual eotech 553, su231peq sight optics trade. Aug 11, 2011 i have an eotech xps on one of my guns, with a fixed 5x magnifier without reticle mounted on a flip to side behind it. The sights are designed to be mounted on small arms via a milstd19 picatinny or weaver. Eotech holographic red dot sights eotech on sale sport. The sight on the left is a genuine l3 eotech holographic sight and the one on the right is a counterfeit. Anyway, i weathered the eotech sight and i am glad with the used metal look. You can get away with an aimpoint on it, or a acog, but those can be mounted lower. The wilcox flip mount for eotech or aimpoint 3x magnifiers was designed to offer operators instant switch capability between magnified and nonmagnified optics when using red dot sights. Rds aimpoint eotech etc with a 3x magnifier on a side flip mount option 2 a 1x4 zoom scope vxr vcog etc. Get the worlds most advanced weapon accessories for defense, law enforcement, homeland security, hunting and recreational shooting.

Eotech exps2 holographic sight for sale online ebay. The eotech rifle sight is an aiming device designed to allow shooters to quickly acquire targets and fire with both eyes open. Other eotech sights and eotech accessories as well as eotech hws mount accessories are available for the eotech fn fal and eotech famas, eotech sig 550 series, eotech steyr aug, eotech imi uzi, eotech ak 47, eotech galil, eotech insas, eotech baretta 7090, eotech fn p90, and various other weapon systems. The model i got my hands on is properly known as the eotech 512. The accucam qd system for the eotech xps series is a scaled down version of the accucam qd system nsn. For this reason, the magnifier does not come preassembled to the mount. The point of impact is adjusted via two clearly graduated, recessed side mounted dials. For the past several years i have been training to improve my long range rifle skills. Eotech weapon accessories for military, police, and. The g33 3x magnifier with switch to side mount provides superior light transmission and the large field of view puts the competition to shame. Please like the video if you enjoyed and subscribe if you like. To achieve the best results and accuracy, the hws must be mounted properly.

As one can see, the outside appearance is nearly identical. The only exception to this is the scout rifle concept, where a lowpower scope of 1. Get the best deals on eotech hunting scope mounts and accessories when you shop the largest online selection at. Product title eotech 512 red dot sight, aiming dot reticle, real t. Eotech eotech rifle scopes eotech rifle scopes for sale. This is because the way the sight reticle appears to be superimposed on the target. Scopecoat eotech xps red dot scope cover w3x magnifier up.

The slidetoside mount provides rapid transition between weapons optical systems while its quick detach mount allows for easy onoff application. Other accessories include a user guide manual divided into easytocheck sections. The mount is 7mm higher to enable compatability with a wider range of night vision equipment and magnifiers and to enable the cowitnessing of backup iron sights. Note that but because of its configuration its about 5 inches long it needs to be mounted with rs regulates longerrailed ak303 model and fitted with two 30mm ring mounts. Local shops didnt have anything other than eotech sights. Does tasco red dot or eotech sights fit a rifle with scope. I do have an eotech 517 mounted on it and cowitnessed with set of iron backup sights. Bow scope sight mount eotech, reflex,holo,30mm,red dot. Weve got the scopecoat eotech xps scope cover w 3x magnifier as part of our complete selection of lowpriced scopecoat covers. Eotech holographic red dot sights eotech on sale sport optics. The eotech xps20 hws holographic weapon sight provides pinpoint precision, as seen in use by elite military and law enforcement units. The company is headquartered in ann arbor, michigan. At first use, you will notice that the sight has the ability to reflect the laser into a more intricate reticle. I mount my sparc and mepro 21 as far forward on the receiver as i can.

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